Why Make a Homemade Gift for Teacher Appreciation

Sign that says "The influence of a good teacher can never be erased"

Your children’s teachers are some of the most influential people in their lives. No matter what grade they are in, your kids spend a lot of time with their teachers, who are helping to shape their minds and their lives.

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up quickly – it’s May 6 through May 10 – and one of the best ways to say thank you to teachers this year in Downers Grove, Hinsdale, and the surrounding suburbs is with a handmade gift.

Why Give a Handmade Gift for Teachers?

Handmade gifts are great for many occasions. For teachers, making something from scratch shows them that you took the time to consider what they might like and you made a real effort. Not only that, but you can involve your kids as well, so they can have a hand in making a gift for their teacher.

When your kids give their teachers a handmade gift, they’ll be proud to say that they helped make it, and teachers are sure to appreciate the thought that went into the gift.

Homemade Teacher Gift Ideas

Coffee Mug: Teachers are always on the go, so a mug with a touching quote is great for those coffee lovers.

Coffee mugs that say "It takes a big heart to shape a little mind"   Blue coffee mug that says "The influence of a good teacher can never be erased"

Custom Wood Sign: Wall art is the perfect accent to decorate a teacher’s classroom or home.

Red sign with black glasses that says "I make school cool" Yellow and blue-and-pink polka dot pencils with teacher names Sign that says "The influence of a good teacher can never be erased"

Planter Box: Teachers who have a green thumb will love a custom planter box. They’re perfect for organizing too!

Black and red planter box with teacher's name and an apple   planter box that says "enjoy the little things"

Ready to Make a Homemade Teacher Gift?

If you’d like to make a custom wood sign, coffee mug, or planter box for Teacher Appreciation Week, book a session at The Henn House! Make it a party and invite others to create handmade gifts for teachers as well.

No time to make something yourself? We also sell custom gifts in our shop!