DIY Wedding Decorations for Your Upcoming Nuptials | Burr Ridge, IL
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DIY Wedding Decorations for Your Upcoming Nuptials

Bride and groom holding hands and making a heart with their thumbs and fingers

Wedding season is right around the corner! Whether you’re just starting to plan your big day near Downers Grove or you’re working on the final details in the Burr Ridge area, a great way to save money is to DIY. This can mean anything from invitations to decorations — even the food! While you might not want to cook your own wedding dinner, plenty of brides opt to cut down on costs by making their own DIY wedding decorations for the ceremony and/or reception.

6 Ideas for DIY Wedding Decorations

Champagne flutes with a wedding dress and bowtie that say "I do"

“I Do” Custom Champagne Flutes: Whether you have your own space at a sweetheart table with your new husband or wife or you’re sitting with the whole wedding party, make your toast more festive and fun with custom champagne flutes.

wood sign that says "here comes the love of your life" wood sign that says "let's get this party started"

Double Duty Custom Wood Wedding Sign: An adorable way to include a favorite niece or nephew in your wedding ceremony is to have them walk down the aisle with a DIY wood sign that says, “Here comes the love of your life”. This sign does double duty as well! When the ceremony has ended, flip your custom wood sign over. The back says, “Let’s get this party started”, and makes the perfect reception decoration.

Navy wine tumblers with names on them in pink

Personalized Wine Tumblers: If you plan to enjoy some wine or mimosas with your bridal party before you walk down the aisle, consider gifting your bridesmaids their own personalized wine tumbler. These clever cups keep their dresses safe from spills, and no one will get their drinks mixed up at the reception later. Be sure to make a “Bride” or “Mrs.” personalized wine tumbler for yourself!

White coffee mugs with girls' names written in pink

Personalized Coffee Tumblers: If you and your friends prefer coffee for your morning pick-me-up, personalized coffee tumblers make a great bridesmaid gift. With these tumblers, you can safely sip away, knowing the lid will prevent any splashes or spills on your dress.

Wooden sign with last name and monogram for wedding guests to sign Wood sign with periodic table elements for oxygen and magnesium with wedding guest signatures

Wooden Guest Book: Instead of opting for the traditional guest book that often gets forgotten on a shelf, make a piece of art that you and your new spouse will treasure each time you see it hanging on your wall. Create a custom wood sign with your last name, wedding date, or any other special detail and have each guest sign your wooden guest book!

Picture frame with clip that has a couple's names and says "paradise is always where love dwells"

DIY Wood Picture Frame: A cute and easy way to decorate your reception hall is with photos of you and your beloved. Make it even more personal with a DIY wood picture frame. Customize it with your names, wedding date, or favorite quote to display on your special day.

Learn More About Creating DIY Wedding Decorations

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