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Custom Office Signs to Decorate Your Workspace

Moving into a new office is exciting. Whether you’ve taken a new job, gotten an upgrade at your current job, or you’ve created a space to work at home, there’s a lot to do. You need to find the best position for your desk, set up your filing system, and make sure your chair is at the right height. You also need to decorate.

Adding personal touches to your office makes it more inviting. One great way to decorate and personalize is with custom office signs. Whether you put up your favorite inspirational quote or an image you love, you’ll smile each time you look at it and it will bring you joy.

Custom Clock    Custom made clock

A handmade clock with a unique design is functional, but it is also a great conversation starter!

No Excuses QuoteQuote sign that says be stronger than your excuses

We all have blocks at work and days we struggle. We come up with great excuses to not get something done. This sign reminds you to move past those excuses.

Chicago StarsWood sign with the Chicago flag and the skyline at the top and bottom

If you’ve got some serious hometown pride, displaying a unique rendition of the Chicago flag is a must for your office.

Hello Sign

wood sign with floral print that says hello

Greet everyone who enters your office with a custom office sign that welcomes them in.

Gratitude Quote

custom wood sign that says thankful grateful blessed

Do you practice an attitude of gratitude? This quote will remind you to be grateful for all you have each day.

Be the Good Quote

Looking for a reminder to do good every day? This quote has you covered.

Dog Walking Sign

Wood sign with a dog outline that says did someone say walk

If you can bring your four-legged friend into work or you work in a home office, this cute sign reminds you to take your pup for a walk each day. You even get a convenient leash hook!

Make Custom Wood Signs with Your Team!

What’s even better than decorating with custom office signs? Making your signs with your teammates! Host a fun team building event at the office with the henn house.